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In the online trading industry you can find several distinguishable types of brokers – Forex Brokers, Binary Options, CFD’s and other advanced financial istruments trading, and Crypto (Mostly CFD’s) Trading. These brokers often operate with fake or desguised identities, and are actually most of the time unregulated companies without any license to even offer you any financial services, located on some off-shore tax haven in order to make it difficult to track their activity and persue them.

Broker Stole From You

These days, scam brokers have creative ways to steal their clients money. It’s a secret well kept, but most of the brokers, even the legitimate ones, actually make their profits out of their clients losses. That’s why they have to keep the money flowing in. Some of them have gone fully criminal in doing so – unauthorizedly charging their clients’ bank accounts and credit cards, while some do it in the form of issuing trades or emptying your trading account without you even knowing it. Have your broker stole from you? Contact us NOW and get your consultation 100% free

Trading Account Locked

One of the scammers’ main methods is to suddnely lock their clients out of their accounts, while backing it up with different claims, sometimes pointing to a violation of ‘Terms of Service’. Other brokers might try to convince you that they are going out of business, and some may even tell you to just accept the fact your money is lost. If this is your case, don’t waste time. It is crucial that you act immediately, yet wisely. Send us the Online Form and let us get our hands on to guide and assist you.

Aggressive Sales

Some of the scam brokers techniques is to use highly aggressive sales methods. Deciving their clients, promising profits that never come. Some do it in the form of abusive bonus offers. If you make profit on your account, and want to withdraw, they will say that you didn’t meet the minimum deposit requirement and have to deposit more and place more trades before you can make a withdrawal. Of course that by the time you will meet the requirements, there will not be a single penny left in your trading account. Don’t fall for their lies, and stop all activity on their platform. If you beleive you were decieved, cheated, or even bullied, into funding your trading account and/or issuing trades, you might have a very good case. INVESTMENT-REFUND can help you to get your money back NOW!

Hidden Fees & Charges

Management Fee? Withdrawal Fee? Tax Charge? Hidden Fees & Charges can take many forms and shapes. Most scam stories we hear specifically relates to hidden fees & charges on withdrawals. If all of a sudden, the broker asks for all kind of wierd fees and surcharges, before letting you withdrawal, you are probably dealing with a scammer. Best thing for you to do right now is stop trading but don’t confront the scam broker yet. First, Send us the online form and let us know everything about it. After we will complete our 100% free review, we’ll confront the scammer or their financi

Business is closed

Your broker just bailed on you? Some scam brokers’ exit strategy is simply to terminate operations one day and run away with their clients’ money. Systems down? No website / email / phone numbers available? You are probably dealing with a scam broker.Act now – Send us the Online Form and we’ll review your case 100% free.

Social Networks Scams

A pretty common scam these days focus on preying for victims on social networks. A stranger, on behalf of the scammer or sometimes the scammer itself (under fake identity of course), will contact you. Sometimes they might try and ‘friend’ with you for a while. Obviously they are just looking for their next victim. After some time, they will want to share with you how they make money online, their amazing success on online trading. Surely after they will try convince you that you must get on board. Are you a victim? We can help you to get your money back. Contact us and tell us your story.

How it works

This is how we do the magic. Our method offers the highest success rates in the market, and already helped hundreds of people to get their money back, with total funds recovered to exceed 20,000,000$.

Preparing evidence & documentation

Taking action against your broker & banks

Retrieving your money

Why Choose Trading Recovery?

Our team consist not only of experienced financial fraud experts, but of former online-trading employees that reveal the fraudulent practices behind the scenes, helping us bring your scammers to justice.

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